dance like no one is watching 10 year anniversary edition Grassroots : Remix in Newfoundland

dance like no one is watching, improv workshop, meagan o'shea, stand up dance / Wednesday, May 31st, 2017


photo above from a B>Lab in Barcelona, making dance to a poem in a language we don’t understand


dance like no one is watching ~ Grassroots : Remix brings together experiences, materials, and scores through translocal and international collaboration spanning a decade of improv practice.  In 2007 Meagan O’Shea conceived of “dance like no one is watching” – dancers performing spontaneous choreography in unexpected locations through shared improv practice. O’Shea spent 5 years working with 200 dancers to create this ever-evolving work, which reached 30,000 incidental audience members in parks, on streets, in parking spots, public transit, shop windows, and at farmers markets. For the last 5 years O’Shea has been developing that source material through her work in international contexts. For the World Dance Alliance Global Summit, O’Shea brings together dancers from myriad countries and contexts to connect practices, experiments, dance scores in Grassroots : Remix .

Over the course of a week, dancers gathered from Vancouver, Toronto, St. John’s and New York, Scandinavia and Spain will work together to develop shared vocabulary and try out different scores. At the end of the week we’ll pick the things we like the most and remix them to make pop up dances through out the next week.

We’ll insert secret scores within each dance that create their own narrative, and we’ll extract parts of each of the dances to make a dance film in the magnificent coastal Newfoundland landscape.

We’ve got a grassroots fundraising campaign going on. Please help us get to Newfoundland. Go and click on the PayPal button in the top right corner. Contribute as little or as much as you’d like. Every $2 or $5 gets us closer. Tell your friends. It’s that simple. Then, later, you’ll get to see the results of this in videos, photos and mini-docs. I’ts going to be amazing. Thank you for helping us get there!



photo below from original dance like no one is watching on Church St in Toronto, 2007; Meagan O’Shea, Penny Chivas, Julia Male
The Trio 07 Church