dance like no one is watching 10 year anniversary edition Grassroots : Remix in Newfoundland

May 31, 2017 // by admin

photo above from a B>Lab in Barcelona, making dance to a poem in a language we don’t understand   dance like no one is watching ~ Grassroots : Remix brings together experiences, materials, and scores through translocal and international collaboration spanning a decade of improv practice.  In 2007 Meagan O’Shea conceived of “dance like no one […]

The Love Project

September 29, 2015 // by admin

We have some big news! THE LOVE PROJECT, which has been seen by more than 3,000 students and 100 teachers is leaving school and going public for ONE NIGHT ONLY. Friday October 23rd at 7 pm, at Theatre Direct in Wychwood Art Barns.   The Love Project, our innovative ensemble dance piece performed by emerging […]

Showing in Victoria

January 26, 2015 // by admin

We Don’t Need Another Hero a new theatrical experience created by Meagan O’Shea / Stand Up Dance Inspired by the Occupy movement and the dilemma between action/discomfort and complacency/convenience, We Don’t Need Another Hero is part performance, part communal catharsis – an experiential spectacle. It includes Where Truth Lies, a dance-theatre solo with live translation […]

Upcoming in Ottawa

September 29, 2014 // by admin

Photo: Keðja Mariehamn 2014 photo©uupitirronen Thursday October 2nd   ||   7 – 9 pm  ||  WORLD CAFÉ Conversation and Gathering   ||  FREE; refreshments for purchase Come and share your ideas about what is needed now. What are the ideas and issues that you are curious and passionate about? What are the issues that we need to […]

Greece by Water

August 30, 2014 // by admin

Arriving in Greece – from the expansive skies of Sweden that never quite go dark in July – to the deep dense dark sky with stars so thick you can see two Milky Ways… An airport so small on Skiathos I doubted I’d be able to find a bank machine. The taxi driver takes me […]

Only 4 more chances to see this show

May 27, 2014 // by admin

1. Summarize in 3 sentences what Based On Actual Unrelated Events is about Based On is about finding the relationship between different things. In this case how one inhabits ones body differently in different situations, i.e. the shoes one wears or where one lives; what is it about love; and what’s going on in our […]

Dublin Dublin Dublin

March 20, 2014 // by admin

Fight, Flight or Bond: somatic structures for unstable times In February I spend two weeks in Dublin as the International Associate Artist at Dance Ireland. I taught morning class for the professional dance community. In the afternoons I worked with local dancers. Through discussion and storytelling they shared experiences about the Celtic Tiger and the […]

The Love Project

January 18, 2014 // by admin

Stand Up Dance spent the week at Oakwood Collegiate Institute in Toronto remounting The Love Project. We performed for high school and grade 8 students from neighbouring feeder schools. It was an amazing experience. We got to rework a few of the sections of the dance and develop the interpretation of the work further. We […]

Come Dance With Me

January 7, 2014 // by admin

Movement Workshop/Dance Class for Everyone This workshop will warm us up, get us moving together, invigorate our core strength, use breath and some voice, teach a dance combination, let us more freely, put all of that together and be a lot of fun. We will activate and sooth ourselves through movement and sound. Workshop – […]