We Don’t Need Another Hero

meagan o'shea, stand up dance, Uncategorized / Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

We have launched a KickStarter Campaign. There are just under 2 weeks to contribute.


I love this idea:

If everyone I know chips in $6 and shares the campaign and spreads the word then not only do we raise the money to have the best show possible but we also build audience and create community around the project so it can tour!

Please consider contributing $6 (or more) if we all do then we make it together; if we don’t reach the goal then none of your credit cards get charged.

It’s like the collaborative choreography I do with audience at house concerts, where the audience calls out the cues and I dance what they say. It means they need to work together, communicating only in the public arena to create something together.

Practice collaborating, contribute to the campaign!

We’ve already received $1,000 in pledges, it feels so great to get that infusion of support. Thank you.