We Don’t Need Another Hero opens next week

Uncategorized / Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

We weathered the KickStarter campaign and while it was really stressful, it was also quite amazing. We raised $12,000. This is fantastic. I am relieved and elated. Thank you everyone who donated, passed it on, spread the word, encouraged. It was a tremendous effort.

On Tuesday night, we were hosted by The Drake Hotel for A Conversation on the Chaordic Space for Discovery, Innovation and Emergent Ideas in Art and Social Transformation. Vanessa Reid who works internationally in Social Transformation led the conversation with Christine Duncan relating the theme through her development of The Element Choir – an improvising choir she leads and that is a part of the show – and I with my dance-based socially expanded practice in relation to the show specifically and my outlook generally. So many great revelations and experiences within those two hours. We are going to share the event through vimeo – look for a  link here soon.

Linnea Swan and Brendan Wyatt by Jeremy Mimnagh
Linnea Swan and Brendan Wyatt by Jeremy Mimnagh

And now, on with the show.

We open on Wednesday April 8th at 8 pm at The Theatre Centre.


Book your tickets now and see you there!