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                                                                                                             “Off the wall, impossible to categorize, fun” Montreal Gazette

Working across forms and borders, Stand Up Dance activates people individually and collectively through transformative experience. Working with contemporary dance, theatre and expanded social practice in art, education, community, and social change contexts, Stand Up Dance blurs the line between dance and theatre, performance and action.


Treating studio, stage, classroom and public space as an R&D lab for society, Stand Up Dance examines ideas from unexpected angles, moving social imagination and making dance for a better world.


The dream child of contemporary dance-theatre artist Meagan O’Shea, Stand Up Dance creates some structure around her imagination. Stand Up Dance has produced Toddler Dance Parties, intergenerational flash mobs, partnered Barcelona International Dance Exchange in New York City, curated and presented the work of artists Meagan admires.

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Meagan O’Shea creates  “Uplifting, energetic and totally out of the ordinary solo, ensemble, participatory and site-specific performances.  She works across Canada and internationally creating,  performing, teaching and facilitating art experiences. O’Shea is co-founder of Hub 14, has been nominated for an Artist Educator Award through Ontario Art Foundation and is a recipient of  the KM Hunter Award in Dance.

“I am influenced by what I see and experience in the world and between ideas and action, and how I can relate them through physical practice and performance.


Seeking truth and new perspectives through the translation of ideas to action, intellectual concepts to movement concepts; of what is put onstage and what the audience understands, and examining relationships between seemingly disparate ideas motivate my investigations. By translating concepts related to how the world functions (economy, politics, environment, power dynamics), into physical equations, I seek to deconstruct the systems and gain new insight.


As an interdisciplinary contemporary dance-theatre artist I use a variety of dance composition and performance strategies including improvisation, devised games, clown, storytelling, interactive installation and low-fi visual spectacle to create transcendent work that engages audiences on multiple levels through humour, truth and virtuosity. As an audience member I desire transformative experiences, so as a creator and performer I strive to create them.”

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