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                                                                                                             “Off the wall, impossible to categorize, fun” Montreal Gazette

Stand Up Dance activates people individually and collectively. Stand Up Dance orchestrates international collaborations, on-the-street ensemble improv, interactive, interdisciplinary solo shows, participatory creative process projects, dancefilms and has produced intergenerational flashmobs, Dance for Young Audience and Stand Up Dance Toddler Dance Party©. Stand Up Dance partners with other organizations to make more art possible for more people.


Founded by Meagan O’Shea as a platform to amplify her vision and support her work and that of other artists and communities, Stand Up Dance facilitates creative process, shares practice, story and experience, produces and performs artistic projects in different parts of the world.


Using studio and creative process as an R&D lab for society, Stand Up Dance projects focus on non-dominant paradigms, and seek to tell stories, share experience, give voice to alternative and silenced narratives.


Using improv as a movement sourcing tool to find individual physicality and artistic voice that moves energy, conveys emotion, expresses dynamic in space and in relationship between bodies. Examining the formal training and shapes that have colonized our bodies. Building upon the knowledge transmitted through generations of embodied practice.


Guiding Principals:


Be As You As You Can Be

Find Your People

Cultivate The Oblique

Magnify Joy

Amplify Impact


Visibility, inclusion, access, diversity of all kinds matter. Stand Up Dance is a queer driven organization, governed by queer rights advocates and activists. We are committed to equitable practice, seeking to engage people of all origins, gender expressions, languages, sexuality.  


Stand Up Dance is honoured to work in many parts of the world, including across Turtle Island. We acknowledge the many unceded territories in which we work. The acknowledgement of our presence here does little to bring about the reconciliation needed.

Stand Up Dance gratefully acknowledges the support of:


Stand Up Dance Projects:


dance like no one is watching (ongoing since 2007)

It’s My Party - current

Anatomalia (in development)

Stand Up Molise International Dance Festival (on hold)

Site-Responsive Solo Creation workshop (2020)

Vicarious Time, dancefilm (2020)

Léxico (2017 – 19)

The Love Project / l’Age de l’amour (2011 – 2017)

We Don’t Need Another Hero (2014 – 15)

The Atomic Weight of Happiness (2010 – 12)

“based on actual unrelated events” (2007 – 14)

Stand Up Dance Board of Directors

David Matte, chair

Lori Delorme, treasurer

Vanessa Reid, secretary

Founded in 2007, incorporated in 2016