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Ensemble Improv / Training Class

Contemporary Training Class

Improvisation for performing and creating - sourcing material as a solo body or part of an ensemble, and the choreography of bodies in space. Meagan draws on Ensemble Thinking for Performing Improv, and leads this work as masterclass, a series of classes or a workshop.

Activating the body in space, sequencing the spine through floor work and translating to other planes and exploring multi-focii coordination while we dance.

Listen & Lead: improv strategies for a better world

Using dance, theatre and social action strategies and moving from solo, to duo and trio, and group work to build trust, clarify focus and the hone the ability to listen and lead in and out of the studio.

Interdisciplinary Solo Making

Meagan’s signature dance-theatre mash-up: drawing on performance techniques from dance, theatre, clown, storytelling, improvisation to explore a given idea from a myriad of perspectives. Developed through the creation of seven solo shows, the techniques can be applied to collective devising and ensemble choreography.

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