• Meagan O'Shea

Watermelons for a Rainy Day

interdisciplinary solo performance & dance film workshop

with Meagan O'Shea and Linnea Swan

two of Canada's grand dames (in waiting) of contemporary dance-theatre

There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to say it, so here’s what we’re doing.

Meagan O’Shea teaches her signature workshop – DIY Solo Making – Interdisciplinary Creation and Performance. Participants arrive with an initial proposal, then Meagan introduces a variety of strategies and techniques that allow the work to develop from a multitude of perspectives - including contemporary dance practices, theatre, clown, DIY spectacle, writing and improvisation. Over the course of the intensive, participants develop the seeds of a performance and perform their creation-in-progress.

Then, Linnea Swan, who makes killer videos, will lead the participants through a process where they transform the material they’ve created specifically for a live audience, to the medium of video in the broad genre of Dance Film. Working together, participants will shoot and edit their work over the course of the workshop - leaving the week with a live work-in-progress solo, and a finished Dance Film.

“O’Shea is off the wall, impossible to categorize, fun.” Montreal Gazette

“On the edge of bitterness and hilarity, Swan is a treasure” NOW Magazine

July 22 – 26, 2019

Calgary, Canada

Days, with space available in the evenings for additional solo work time.

Limited spots available.

Please send a short blurb including bio, artistic statement, the idea that you would like to explore in this workshop, and links to previous work.

Deadline for Applications: July 2

FEE: $500 - * all participants will receive a subsidy of $250

*Subsidized through Canada Council for the Arts

Please send applications to &

Applicants will be notified of acceptance on Friday July 5.

Payment is due on Monday July 8, 2019

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