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A As a dancer born with 12 toes, Meagan O’Shea has always had to acknowledge her inner outcast. In The Atomic Weight of Happiness, she locks herself (and an audience) in an hour-long experiment to arrest global warming; dissect, identify and measure the ingredients of each human emotion; and determine whether her anatomical deviations are drug induced oddities or random genetic mutations.


Co-created by performer Meagan O’Shea and director Andrea Donaldson, Dora nominated for designs by Michelle Ramsay and Lindsay Anne Black, remounted by TYA Theatre Direct since it’s DanceWorks CoWorks premiere in Toronto in 2011.

The Atomic


of Happiness

based on actual unrelated events draws on seemingly unrelated, but very real ideas, discovering connections and relationships between living locally, learning languages and the meaning of movement, and global agriculture.


· Home/less/ness in the body

· The evolution and translation of different languages and how that relates to movement; or ‘How Many German Words I Know’

· The superfluous and erroneous global corn crop and ‘What’s happening

to the honeybees?’

based on actual unrelated


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