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Ensemble Improv in Victoria


with Meagan O'Shea

Saturday March 2

10 am - 2 pm

SKAM studio, Victoria/Canada

$ 50 register:

Learn the building blocks for creating and performing spontaneous choreography.

Using sourcing and composition strategies to work together to recognize and respond to the patterns and proposals on the dance floor in real time.

This is dance and world work.

Open to physical performers and dancers of all kinds.

Using a combination of techniques inspired by her work with Ruth Zaporah, Keith Hennessy and Nina Martin, Meagan has developed strategies for creating and performing real-time ensemble choreography. This work feeds her 'dance like no one is watching' public space improv project: Surprise and spectacle erupt in unexpected locations as dancers perform spontaneous choreography created through shared improv practice. *

* dance like no one is watching is coming to Victoria this summer and will be looking for local dancers. Please indicate that you are interested in this opportunity when you register for the workshop.

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