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dance like no one is watching ONLINE CLASS

SUNDAY MARCH 14 @ 15h CET + 9am EST

Anything goes. This class is a container to hold your wildest movement desires and impulses.

I’ll lead so you don’t have to worry about what to do.

This is an open-level movement experience. All levels of mobility welcome.

Moving between quick-change of focus to prolonged physical explorations and using “Oblique/Switch”, a method of improvising to get out of your head and into your body, to follow impulses, to source and discover new movement, to be free in your body. "Switch" moves us between ways of moving, in search of the "Oblique" – something we can arrive at only through following impulses. An unimaginable but expected discovery.

It’s been a long 12 months. Congratulations! You are still here. Let’s celebrate. Bring your beautiful bodies and move with me.

This 90 minute workshop will open and close with a song, led by our host Giulia De Felice of il Giardino | Artistic Farm.

We’ll get into our bodies and move freely, together and autonomously.

INFO Meagan O' Shea has been leading "dance like no one is watching" public space performances since 2007. This is a variation. You can be anywhere you want. Meagan brings her years of experience improvising, choreographing, performing and teaching internationally in art, education, social change and community contexts.

MORE INFO The workshop will be held in English and Italian. To sign up email: You will receive a Zoom link to join the event. When you register we’ll send you a link to the playlist. The playlist is optional – you can dance along without music, to the music you want or to the playlist we send. We recommend that you play the music on a separate device.

Fee: 10€

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