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It's My Party

creative process workshop in Ostuni, Italy

It’s My Party: an exploration of grief and examination of life purpose; an attempt to create connection across space; a search for joy; a creative process led by Meagan O’Shea and a long-distance collaboration between the womxn who participate and dance-filmmaker Linnea Swan.

From ubiquitous heartbreak and death of loved ones, to beauty, the children one will never have, and loss of purpose in mid-life, falling in love and coming out (again) in your 40’s, climate change, a career based on a body that fails, and chopping onions, friends and collaborators Meagan and Linnea contemplate what changes in these middling years through the shared experiences of womxn around the world.

In an attempt to discover what is common and what is unique across cultures and contexts, Meagan sets out to meet and share with womxn in their 40’s and early 50’s. Over the course of the It’s My Party workshop, Meagan leads participants through a creative process to create their own solo micro-performance in response to the themes.

It’s My Party seeks to create connection across space and time. It’s My Party explores the secret life of each and all of us: what moves, motivates and deters us.

As part of the workshop Meagan performs the solo she made in response to the themes:

Vicarious Time solo created + performed by Meagan O’Shea + music by Ra Tack

An incantation, an exploration of time, a radical suspension of disbelief, long-distance healing, a collective migration. The precarity of life, pondering courage in the face of all that scares us. A quest to bring beauty into focus. The reciprocal exchange of space we take up in the universe.

May 19 – 25, 2022 at Casina Settarte in Puglia, Italy

- 6 nights accommodation and 6 days of meals

- Arrive in the afternoon of May 19 for tour of space and welcome dinner

- 3 hour morning and afternoon creative sessions, May 20 – 24

- various added evening activities

- + informal performances on May 24

- Video screening of previous project participants in the evening of May 24

Accommodation ~ € 300 + It’s My Party program fee € 500

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