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Site-Responsive Solo Creation Workshop

Site-Responsive Solo Creation Workshop

in Victoria BC

Explore a creative process designed to generate creative material that can be developed to create performance material.

Using somatic, improvisation, dance, voice, contemporary performance and theatre techniques to create material that seeks to layer the experiences of the individual and the land.

Over the workshop we’ll explore and source solo physical material, respond to the landscapes that we choose to explore, and then join them in a creative process and performance score to see what emerges.

We will explore 3 different landscapes. We’ll discuss different performance perspectives. A workshop open to all who have an embodied or physical creation/performance practice across disciplines and traditions.


Saturday July 25, 10 - 5 Pay as you are able: $ 150 $ 100 $ 50 $ Pay what you want Please send an e-mail stating your interest and brief history of performance creation to

Participants have the possibility to continue to work with Meagan after the workshop to develop a site-responsive performance piece to be a part of the Out There Art Festival, Aug 29 - Sep 7.

Stand Up Dance is a project-based company that engages with communities through creative experiences around the world. Led by Meagan O’Shea, whose work combines dance, theatre, stand-up comedy, clown and experiential science and has facilitated, created and performed across North America, Europe and Northern Africa.

Meagan is Artistic Director of Stand Up Molise, an international dance festival in Molise, Italy. Focusing on Site-Responsive Creation, artists perform in-situ in the ruins of Rotello’s old town.

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