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Vicarious Time (s)

Aren't they.

But also, a new dance-theatre solo.

Vicarious Time

An incantation, an exploration of time, a radical suspension of disbelief, long-distance healing, a collective migration. Pondering courage. In the face of all that scares us. A quest to bring beauty into focus. The reciprocal exchange of space we take up in the universe. The precarity of life.

Created at Autumn Artist Exchange at Ponderosa Tanz in Germany in October 2019, BlipBase in Austria in November 2019, and The School of Dance in Canada. Artistic support from Alicia Grant, fellow artists at Ponderosa, and especially Andrea Spaziani.

Original Music created by Laura Tack.

I performed Vicarious Time at Dance Matters: Rebel Yells in Toronto and Seda Dance in Victoria, Canada in February 2019.

Then COVID-19 began to dominate our lives, and I locked down in Stratford Ontario where I performed Vicarious Time for #NACPerforms as a Livestream, with the help of Baptiste Neis.

Now, we are rounding off this time by creating a dance-film of Vicarious Time with Baptiste Neis producing and directing, Thelon Oeming shooting and Linnea Swan editing.

Shout out to Jennifer Glasgow for her awesome jumpsuit and Lela Stairs for the alterations.

Biggest thank you to the House of Hodder-Neis with includes Baptiste Neis, Brad Hodder, Charlie Rose and Innogen for shelter in place during the time of covid.

photo: Omer Yukseker

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