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What is a Creative Process Workshop?

I'm traveling around teaching a creative process workshop. It is a DIY Interdisciplinary Solo Making workshop, or if you like, we'll be playing games that use a range of dance, theatre, improv, storytelling, DIY spectacle skills. These skills or techniques can be applied to different ideas and themes that let you approach your idea in different ways, generating interesting and unexpected material that we can then shape into a mini performance. You'll be able to explore your ideas through allow you to generate material, physical, vocal, spatial, relational, representational ways. This might look like making a dance, or like moving in a certain way. We can apply choreographic manipulations and concepts to your material to create something more abstract, or we can frame it with some storytelling for a clearer narrative.

No experience needed for these workshops. All movement capacities welcomed.

People will want to wear comfy clothes that they can move in, dress in layers as you'll get hot moving around and then we'll sit to talk and watch each other. Bring a water bottle and a snack.

My tenets for art making and life are:

Be As You As You Can Be

Find Your People

Look Beyond the Obvious and the Opposite and Cultivate the Oblique

Magnify Joy

Amplify Impact

I'm leading this workshop in different cultures and communities. I'm tailoring it to women over 40. In my travels to myriad countries, I observe that life context can be radically disparate in different places, however, our bodies all know how old we are and we have all accumulated 40+ years of experience, knowledge and wisdom. I am sharing the range of stories shared between communities and also learning myself about the ways we all experience our middling years.

I hope you can make it to the workshop this weekend.

We've just reduced the price to $75

Saturday February 29, 12 - 4 pm

1533 Begbie Street, Victoria at the beautiful dance studio of Seda Dance

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